Tonality is an online resale store/fashion inspiration site that I have created. I have worked on the branding, social media, as well as curating a collection of items from local thrift stores found here in Arizona. I wanted to start Tonality to share my passion for merchandising, styling, and creating visual aspects.


When creating this store, I first came up with the concept and began the branding process. The store is a lot about aesthetics and visuals therefore the branding process played a huge role. Having the logos, inspiration board, color palette, and fonts set up made for a site that was cohesive and visually pleasing from the start.

Copy of Tonality Brand Kit.png


The clothing bought for this store comes from a variety of thrift stores. I am constantly shopping for new items to add to this store and only buy items that are still in great quality and fit the niche of the store. The clothing I purchase is for women ages 18-30 that are trendy and also love statement pieces. As I continue this store I plan to purchase items keeping in mind upcoming seasons and trends.

Copy of Tonality Brand Kit.png


The visual elements added to the creation of this store are apart of showcasing how one can style the clothing. I have created lookbooks from photoshoots I have directed showing how you can style the pieces together or separately.

Creative Inspiration

I wanted this store to be just as much a place for inspiration as it is a place to shop. I find myself inspired by aesthetically pleasing moodboards. Creating moodboards is something I wanted to take to the next level and have my site incorporate them in a way to show styling, give tips, or just share trend inspiration. By looking at how other people put together a vision can open your mind to new ideas. This is what I hope the moodboards can do for my site visitors.